Ductless Mini-Split


Ductless Air Conditioning & Heating is a quiet and highly efficient way to heat different rooms in your home. A Ductless Air Conditioner doesn't waste energy due to conventional duct leakage, which can save you money and increase comfort. We are experienced in the installation of single and multi-zone Ductless Air Conditioning.

Benefits of a ductless system:

  • You can heat and cool your home for a fraction of the cost of baseboard, wall and ceiling heat, or electric furnaces. You could enjoy a 25% – 50% savings over electric heating costs.
  • Mini-split systems distribute air more efficiently, which means more comfortable living areas. This is ideal for open floor plans.
  • The multi-zone feature allows you to heat and cool rooms to different temperatures. This means you aren’t spending money heating or cooling rooms that don’t get a lot of use, and it also means family members can make personal spaces comfortable to their own preferences.
  • Built-in air purification absorbs allergy-causing elements and distributes healthier air. And unlike central air & heating systems, mini-split systems do not have dust and allergen-collecting ducts.
  • Because the systems are so energy-efficient, local utilities are offering incentives to switch from electric to ductless, and you may also be eligible for a tax credit from the State.