Heating Replacement


Heating Replacement
We specialize in heating system replacements and new heaters.

Whether your old heating system is in need of major expensive repairs, simply costing you too much in energy expenses to operate or you want to take advantage of the thousands of dollars available to you through various rebates and the Federal Tax Credit for new heaters, Eagle MechanicalSolutions specializes in working with homeowners to design a new heating system that fits your home and your budget.

Our expert Specialists will perform engineering calculations to make sure that your new high efficiency heater will be large enough to keep your home warm on the coldest days of the year. Equally as important, they’ll make sure your new heating system is not oversized. Unfortunately very common, oversized heating systems waste precious energy dollars, lead to decreased comfort, higher equipment failure rates and a shortened lifespan of the heater.

A new high efficiency heating system installed today should last at least 15 years. That’s why, another crucial part of Eagle Mechanical Solutions thorough process is centered around the most important part of the project – YOU! Our friendly and experienced Specialists know heating systems inside and out! Once they have calculated your home’s heating requirements, they’ll take the time to discuss your likes and dislikes with your current heating system, what features and benefits you would like to add to your heating system, understand how you and your family use your system, discuss new products and technology with you and make sure that you get the best heating system for your needs and your home.

How much "heat" do we need?
The third major critical component to a high quality and long lasting heating system is the first step, system design – what size heater do we need? Our friendly and experienced Specialists evaluate your home and perform engineering calculations to determine the proper sized heater for your home. Factors include the age of the home, insulation levels, window quantity and quality, size of the home, orientation of the home, ceiling height and many, many more. It is not uncommon for two homes that appear nearly identical in the same neighborhood to have different heating requirements, we see it frequently. That’s why we never "guess or assume" what size heating system is right for your home. Our goal is to provide an energy efficient heating system that maximizes your comfort and minimizes your energy usage. That’s why each new heating system that we install is custom designed for you and your home.

We install only the highest quality heating products available today with superior warranties:

Ten year parts and labor warranties available
Lifetime unit replacement warranties available
Extended maintenance coverage available
Free programmable thermostats with high efficiency heating systems
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Our heating system replacements include: Gas heating systems, oil heating systems, heat pump systems, Energy Star heating systems, high efficiency heating systems and heating systems that qualify for the Federal Tax Credit.

Gas and Oil Furnace Replacements:
Many homeowners have never had the opportunity to select the heating system in their home. When they bought the home, it was either the one that the builder chose for them – we’re all familiar with the term "builder’s grade"! Or perhaps the heating system is one that the prior homeowner chose. Today’s new high efficiency heating systems have enhanced technology and control capabilities to provide optimal comfort while decreasing your energy bills! Another popular feature of modern high efficiency heating systems among homeowners is that they operate significantly quieter than old heaters. Call to have a Comfort Specialist visit your home and discuss potential solutions for your home.

Heat Pump Replacements and Upgrades:
Heat pumps are relatively new to our area – it wasn’t until the 1980’s that it was common to see heat pumps installed. Unfortunately, in some cases, heat pumps "got a bad name" due to poor application, improper sizing or faulty installations.

In simple terms, a heat pump is a system that looks like an air conditioning system. Like an air conditioner, it extracts cool air from warm air during the summer and transfers it inside your home. But, it also has the ability to extract heat from cold air during the winter and uses that heat to heat your home.

Today’s heat pump systems utilize a new and improved refrigerant to heat your home rather than the old refrigerant that earlier heat pumps used. Customer surveys following high efficiency heat pump system replacements by Eagle Mechanical Solutions have provided overwhelmingly positive feedback. The most common phrases we hear from customers after we’ve replaced their heat pump are with a new Energy Star heat pump are "My energy bills are so much lower!" and "My home feels so much warmer in the winter time now!" Call Us today to see how the installation of a new energy efficient heat pump can benefit you.

Gas and Oil Boiler Replacements:
Just like modern furnaces and heat pumps, today’s gas and oil boilers offer homeowners a great opportunity to increase their comfort while decreasing their energy usage. New high efficiency boilers now allow the boiler to heat your home using significantly less energy compared to older generation boilers. Energy efficient boilers can be installed with controls to use only as much gas or oil is needed to heat your home or a specific part of your home.

Boilers are made to handle the heating needs of a home under the coldest possible outdoor temperature conditions. But during milder temperatures, older boilers will still operate like its freezing outside, – wasting energy, and money. New high efficiency boilers help save energy by running a boiler at more efficient settings based on outside temperature or current heating needs inside the home.

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